Zorg 3D Trailer

2 February 10

Zorg 3D

Communications agency Youngworks set up an educational programme for schools promoting the healthcare sector: the ‘Zorgtrailer’.
In a multimedial truck schoolchildren are able to experience in an interactive way what its like to work in healthcare.

For the ‘Zorgtrailer’ (the first Dutch commercial 3D film) we did the Stereographic Supervision. In a nine minute mini feature film third and fourth year vmbo students (pre-vocational secondary education) were able to experience, with special 3D glasses on, the unique sides of working in healthcare. The ‘Zorgtrailer’ will be touring through The Netherlands for about two years and has already been booked by 180 vmbo schools.

Producer: Mathijs Geijskes (A Million Dreams)


3D Bioscoop in de trailer


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