About the show

The vision of the souvenor was very clear: The film should focus on: Youth and eduction, infrastructure: roads and public transport, drinking water from the north Kenya, IT and internet: building a glass fiber cable around the city. More sky scrapers in the busy city centre and preservation of nature and it’s wildlife.

The City hall is one of the main landmarks of Nairobi and we had to use it as projection surface. So the story has to be told by using and transforming this building in a mapping show.

With only 4 weeks of production time ahead we left Kenya with an approved storyboard and many measurements and pictures of the building. Back in our office in Amsterdam we reconstructed the building and started creating the show.


Some images from the original storyboard that we presented to the Governor of Nairobi.

Realistic physics and effects based on the actual 3d geometry of the city hall.