Opening Ceremony

live broadcasted in the middle east

The Opening Ceremonies of the World Futsal Tournament in Kuwait relied heavily on screen content. The creative vision of Director Yanis Michalandos was to create overwhelming visuals as background enhancing a series of artistic expression pieces.
The screen configuration and content replaced large sets and theatrical props, and it was left to this content to create the atmosphere and uniquely different environment for each section of the show.

World: Starting far away somewhere in the universe, traveling to the earth, a fly over the galapagos islands, showing whales and dolphins on the floor and gauze screen. Setting the stage for a young boy that travels across a variety of countries learning different skills to become a professional soccer player.
This ceremony used a full video projection on a stadium floor, and a vertical transparent screen requiring content to work on a large scale and with a viewing audience of 360 degrees.

This floor projection worked with four projectors from ceiling of the stadium and three projectors for the vertical screen. Our challenge was to not only sync the media as it flowed across these surfaces, but also to create storytelling that touched the audience.
> A total of more than 60 minutes of content made up of over 200 separate videos
> Stadium floor projection of 20×40 meters and an 8×40 meters vertical screen

Show Length
Media Clips
Screen Area